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Dancers and choreographers:
these are just a few of the many talented people we have on our books

UDC UK: 07961 579482

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044 (0) 7961 579482

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We are constantly looking for new talent, for more infromation go to our Auditions page

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UDC has highly trained and experienced dancers specializing in every type and genre of dance you may require:

• Musical Theatre

• Street Dance

• Cabaret

• Brazilian

• Classical Ballet

• Hip hop

• Tap dance

• Latin

• Contemporary

• Break Dance

• Swing

• Jive

• Flamenco

• Bollywood

• Show Girls

• Ballroom Dancing

• Belly Dancing

• Salsa

• Martial Arts

• Jazz

• Acro Dance

• African

Nina: Dancer/ Choreographer David Osborne Laura Cowan Tamara Sherinne Del Mak Nikki Scott Johnny Lloyd Lucille Marshall Ian Powis Claire Turner Toby Beal Zafreen Veronika Sergio Charlotte MattockStephanie Lee Suzanne Tom Foster Jamie Lee Blaine Louise Nick Holmes Sarah Dunning Bly Richards Ashleigh Lewis Hannah Jacquelyn Warren Jo Harriet Ogden Michelle Rachel Bray Cerys Jacquelyn Michelle Black Lindsey Salmon Ellie Allison Elizabeth Knight Sarah Houlihan Kris Cummings Alexandra Wheatley Laura Risborough Vikki Walwyn Nicky Yates Claire Zahra

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