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Package dance shows # 006: Masquerade.
Masquerade Theme show featuring: the can can
showgirls, fun and glamour

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Masquerade theme dance show

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Cast: Male and Female dancers. Minimum five

Costume: Beautiful dresses, prince costume and harlequin costume. A variety of  colorful masks

Music: Sarah Brightman, Gothica, Maskada, The Entertainer, Drumming, The Waltz

Dance Styles: Classical, Contemporary, Theatre, Jazz, baton twirling, drama and Mime

Duration: 10 - 20 minutes continuous Show

Notes: Ideal show for a  Masquerade Ball, Venetian Masked Ball, Carnival

Masquerade theme show profile

Jester dancer

A colorful, engaging and entertaining show with drama, humor and quirkiness.

The storyunfolds in the world of the masquerade where the jester holds all the cards to the game, clothed in a black robe she weavets her magic spell, introducing her characters as they dance to her harlequin tune.

Combining many different dance styles to bring you an entertaining show which holds the audience from start to finish.


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