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Dance show # 003: Seventies theme
featuring flares, big hair, very loud shirts
and all your favourite hits

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Seventies theme show

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Seventies THEME - disco theme dance show

Seventies dance show

Cast: Male and Female dancers, or all female for a Pan's People style showdown. Minimum four.

Costume: Flares, bright coloured retro costumes.

Music: All the popular hits from the 70's, Freak Out, Disco Inferno, Boogy Shoes ... and many more

Dance Styles: Boogy woogy

Duration: 10 - 20 minutes

seventies Dance show profile

seventies costume

Our fun, high energy Seventies' theme dance show is packed with all the ingredients to bring the wow into your next event.

With the most popular classic sounds of the seventies disco era, the dance team take you on a disco journey with there non stop choreographed routines, humour, mime and action packed scenes fused with spectacular tricks and breat- taking lifts.

Extras: ideas to complement your event

Meet & Greet: The dancers are great for meeting and greeting your guests.

Mix and Mingle: Our dancers can also mingle at the drinks reception being charming and a little mischievous. They can also do some freestyle during the evening, to visually entertain the audience while the band plays.

Other ideas: Look-alikes, Disco dance contests

Seventies show

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