Lyrical dance classes in Leeds - start 9th January 2012

UDC Lyrical dance classes combines ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles. movements are flowing, expressive, emotive, subtle and dynamic. You will learn some basic ballet and jazz techniques to give you a better bodily alignment and placement but emphasis will also be on the expressive and musicality side to this dance style.

Tricks, leaps, kicks, jumps and pirouettes are some of the more challenging movements a choreographer might use in a routine - these movements will be broken down and taught at the level suitable to the students who are attending.


UDC is a commercial dance company and agency producing shows world-wide and these classes will be taken by the company director Sarah Spearing.

Choreographed dance routines:

Over time you will learn choreographed routines which convey musicality and emotion to a wide variety of music from R&B, popular, jazz and funk.

What to Wear

Comfortable, something you can move easily in. Bare feet.

What to Bring

Bring a friend, not compulsory! A bottle of water.


Our classes are held at the Yorkshire Dance Centre, 3 St Peter's Buildings, St Peter's Square, Leeds LS9 8AH.

Please contact Sarah for details: 07961 579482.

Please note: dance is a physically strenuous exercise, please take responsibility for being fit to take part.

Lyrical Dance Classes Leeds

Monday 8 — 9pm Adults

Price: £6 Full rate / £5 student card. Pay on the night. 2 classes in the same day: price: £10

Standard: All classes are suitable for beginners.

Location: Yorkshire Dance Centre, 3 St Peter's Buildings, St Peter's Square, Leeds LS9 8AH.

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Further information: Call Sarah 07961 579482

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